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Looking to drive more leads to your Facebook ads? You're in luck! Check out Meta's latest recommendations for getting the results you want on your next ad campaign.

How to Drive More Leads with Facebook Ads

Do you want to generate more leads on Facebook? If so, you are in luck! Meta has revealed the ad types that are most likely to get you the results you seek. They are:

  • Lead Ads: This ad type allows users to express interest in your vehicles in just a couple of taps. It also gives you the ability to see where they are in their buying journey.
  • Call Ads: This ad type makes it possible for shoppers to call your sales team with just a single click. It is most effective when run during business hours. 
  • Click-to-Message Ads: This ad type lets interested people message your dealership on Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram. This is a great option for reaching young shoppers who are often hesitant to call. 

Of course, Facebook ads aren’t the only way to drive sales on social media. To learn more ways to generate leads, check out this fusionZONE blog. It features five tips you just can’t miss!

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