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Tesla recently has struck deals with Ford and GM that will grant EV owners the right to use over 12,000 superchargers. Explore how this will impact the EV market.

Ford, GM, and Tesla Strike EV Charging Station Deal

The battle of the EV charging connectors might soon be over! Tesla has struck agreements with Ford and GM to grant their EV owners access to the Supercharger network.

Here’s what you need to know about this development:

  • The Superchargers: Tesla currently operates more than 12,000 Superchargers across the United States. Under the new deals, GM and Ford customers will have access to all those chargers.
  • The Rollout: Ford and GM drivers will be able to use Tesla chargers beginning in 2024. Existing vehicles will require an adapter and a software update as part of the rollout.
  • The Future: Both Ford and GM say they will install Supercharger-compatible ports in all new EVs starting in 2025.
  • Other Carmakers: Other automakers, such as Kia, Nissan, and Toyota have declined to comment on whether they intend to negotiate similar deals with Tesla.

How do you think this deal will impact the EV market? Will more automotive companies jump on the bandwagon? To stay up to date on the latest automotive news, be sure to follow our newsletter! You’ll get automotive and digital marketing trends sent straight to your inbox. 

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