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Looking to generate better results with your LinkedIn posts and ads? We've got you covered! Hear from LinkedIn's very own social media manager, Alexandra Morales on how you can achieve just that.
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How to Make Your LinkedIn Posts and Ads Stand Out

Do you struggle to generate engagement or drive sales with your LinkedIn posts and ads? Then you are in luck! Alexandra Morales, the company’s social media manager, recently shared some tips that will help your content stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a look at some of her advice:

  • Use the Right Visuals: Posts with large images have a 38 percent higher click-through rate than content with small pictures. Morales recommends using 1200 x 627 images.
  • Use Concise Headlines: Short headlines generate more engagement. For ads, aim for 150 characters or less. For descriptive copy, 70 characters or fewer is the sweet spot.
  • Interact with Readers: Morales says you’ll enjoy better results if you respond to readers who leave comments and questions on your ads and posts.

What have you found effective for your posts and ads? Do you agree with Alexandra’s advice? To stay up to date on the latest digital marketing news, be sure to follow our newsletter! You’ll get automotive and digital marketing trends sent straight to your inbox. 

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