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Curious how Instagram ranks its post? You're in luck! Explore Instagram's latest algorithm updates and learn how you can take advantage of the secret sauce.

The Secrets Behind the Instagram Algorithm

Have you ever wondered how Instagram’s algorithm works? If so, you are in luck! The platform’s CEO,  Adam Mosseri, recently revealed the secrets behind the ranking system.

So, without further ado, here are the factors Instagram considers when ranking Feed posts:

  • Your Activity: Other posts you have liked, shared, or commented on in the past.
  • Info About the Post: How many other people have liked or commented on the post, as well as where and when it was created.
  • Your History of Interacting with the Poster: How often you like, share, or comment on the poster’s content.
  • Info About the Person Who Posted: How interesting the poster is to you and how often other people interact with their content.

Of course, Instagram isn’t just a useful tool for engaging with your community. Its ads platform is also a highly effective way to generate leads for your dealership! To learn more about how to put together the perfect Instagram ad, check out this fusionZONE blog!

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