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Toyota recently revealed that they're developing an EV battery that can drive for 621 miles on a single 20-minute charge. Discover how this technological breakthrough could change the EV market.
Toyota car and EV dealership building

Toyota Announces EV Batter With a 621-Miles Radius

Toyota has revealed that it is developing an EV battery with a range of 621 miles. The carmaker says the product will have a fast-charge time of just 20 minutes.

Here’s what we know about Toyota’s technological breakthrough so far:

  • The Technology: Toyota’s new battery is similar to the one in its bZ4X compact SUV. It is an energy-dense nickel cobalt manganese lithium-ion battery.
  • The Rollout: Toyota says its new battery will initially be reserved for luxury vehicles and high-end performance cars. It will be introduced to lower-end units further down the line.
  • The Timeline: Toyota says it is on track to launch the battery by 2026.

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