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Budget-Friendly Digital Marketing

Not every business has the budget to spend big on digital marketing, but today, getting the word out about your company and its products and services online is more crucial than ever.

So how can businesses with smaller marketing budgets go head-to-head with the competition that has much more available spend? The team at fusionZONE has compiled a list of budget-friendly digital marketing initiatives that can help you promote your business at little to no cost.

Whether you’re an independent, franchise, Powersports or group dealership — or in an entirely different industry altogether — the following digital products, channels and strategies are designed to provide affordable (or completely free) solutions to your online marketing needs.

Maintain Social Media Channels

Social media has been a big deal in the digital marketing realm for well over a decade, so the chances are great that your business has already tried its hand at this potentially free marketing channel. Paid social ads can certainly help boost your business’s profile, visibility, reach and engagement online, but they’re not necessarily a prerequisite to success through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

If your business already has social media profiles, are you merely using them for promotion, or are you posting informative, entertaining and interesting content? You can enhance your budget-friendly social media marketing efforts by providing valuable content, news, deals and specials to your online community.

Remember, social media isn’t advertising or public relations, but rather a chance for you to connect with customers, fans, potential buyers and other members of your community in a fun and informative way.

Join or Create Facebook Groups or Other Online Communities

Maybe you’ve promoted your business through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for years and even dabbled in paid social ads, but are looking for another way to communicate with your community and potential customers online. You could create a Facebook Group or join some of these online communities tailored to people in your immediate area.

While these groups can provide potential customers for your business, they also help you build relationships within your local community. Joining or building an online community or group through Facebook or another social media channel is a great way to keep your ear to the ground or stay informed of consumer sentiment in your city and neighboring areas.

You can also start and join in on conversations that may not have been as possible on your company’s social media pages.

Set Up a Google My Business Profile

Google My Business (GMB) helps consumers find your company’s location and contact information without having to sift through your website: your business details show up right in the search results. This completely free Google product also lets you promote different areas of your business — say, your sales, parts and service departments — at the top of the search results page when a user seeks out your company online.

Creating and optimizing your Google My Business profile can help potential customers find your company, products and services online and offline by displaying a link to your website, phone numbers and a map with a link to directions. That’s why we believe that a GMB profile is one of the most affordable and productive marketing methods, especially for local businesses.

Run Google Local Service Ads

If your business isn’t quite in a place to fork over serious dough on Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads, then you may want to consider Google’s local- and leads-based alternative: Google Local Service Ads. Set up a budget in Google Local Service Ads, and you’ll pay per lead instead of per click, meaning you could better manage your budget based on actual leads versus potential leads.

Businesses are required to apply and qualify for categories that Google offers through its Google Local Service Ads. However, once you’re able to create these local pay-per-lead ads, your business can become Google Guaranteed, which could help your company show up at or near the top of local search results.

Utilize Email Marketing

There’s nothing new about email marketing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a highly effective tool in your arsenal — and an affordable one. Building an email list is a lightweight way to keep your past, current and potential customers updated on news and special offers, and you don’t have to pay to reach them in their inbox.

Create a Blog

If you’re wondering what interesting and value-added content you’ll share through your email marketing campaigns, social media pages and Facebook groups, enter the blog. Creating a blog on your website is an affordable way to develop SEO-friendly content that’s unique to your business.

Your company’s blog is where you can provide real-time updates about your business and its current operations, educate visitors on your products and services, discuss your organization’s community involvement and so much more.

Check Google Analytics Often

Lastly, you’ll want to keep tabs on your website’s Google Analytics account. Why? Seeing traffic spikes (however big or small) and traffic sources (where that traffic is coming from) can help you determine how your digital marketing initiatives are performing and where you should focus your efforts.

If you’d like assistance with any of these budget-friendly digital marketing options, don’t hesitate to reach out to fusionZONE Automotive. We’re experts in developing affordable and effective marketing solutions that can help your business stand out from your competition online!

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