May 18, 2023 Automotive NewsNews 0 Comment

California to Ban Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks by 2036

The State of California has announced it will ban the sale of heavy-duty diesel trucks after 2036. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) says it is the first combustion-truck sales ban in the world – but it is unlikely to be the last.

Here’s what you need to know about this development:

  • The Rules: Under the new rules, dealerships will not be allowed to sell diesel-powered heavy-duty trucks after 2036. Most trucking and logistics businesses have to convert to zero-emissions fleets before 2042.
  • The Reasoning: CARB said it is passing the new rules because heavy trucks cause 25 percent of on-road greenhouse gas emissions in California, even though they only make up about six percent of vehicles in the state.
  • The Benefits: The CARB says the ban will result in over $26 billion in health savings. It will also reduce fleet managers and truck owners by $48 billion by 2050.

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