5 Reasons to Build and Maintain Your Email List

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5 Reasons To Build and Maintain Your Email List

5 Reasons to Build and Maintain Your Email List

Has your business built an email list but since put it on the back burner?

While other digital marketing channels may get most of the attention these days, email should remain a key component of your online marketing strategy.

Here’s why email marketing for car dealerships and other automotive businesses should not be overlooked:

1. You Own Your Email List

In the age of increased scrutiny around data privacy, reaching your audience through targeted social media campaigns has become more challenging.

Businesses cannot simply expect to reach and engage their entire audience through a single channel. Between Big Tech algorithms and outages to the often politicized nature of social media, many things can stand between your messaging and your customer base.

When you build and maintain an email list, you enjoy the advantages of developing first-party data: you’re no longer reliant on third-party sources for customer lists.

2. Email is Direct

When a visitor or customer fills out a form to receive emails and is added to one of your CRM lists, they’re signaling interest in your products, services or content. In other words, you already have an idea of what they like because they chose to sign up and stay connected with your business.

It takes more effort to gain an email subscriber than a “like” on a social media post, but the email sign-up is often more valuable because it is more targeted.

3. Email is Personal

Automotive email marketing campaigns are primed for personalized messaging simply because email feels more personal.

Once someone is added to one of your email customer lists, you can reach that potential customer directly through their email inbox, which is far more personal than catching their attention while they’re infinite-scrolling on social media.

Your customers like to feel appreciated and receive exclusive offers, and email is the perfect avenue for this.

For instance, car dealerships can utilize new and used car specials or parts and service coupons to entice visitors to join an email list, open the emails, engage with the content and convert into customers.

4. Customer Retention and Remarketing

Gaining a new customer is costlier than retaining a current one, and that’s why email marketing for car dealerships is so powerful.

There are plenty of customer engagement strategies out there, but email helps you retain and remarket to customers long after they purchase that new car.

Customer retention and remarketing are especially crucial for car dealers and auto service centers since repeat business is quite common and attainable.

After all, every car on the road will require maintenance or replacement. So if your customer isn’t returning to you, they’re certainly spending their vehicle budget elsewhere.

5. Email Accounts Are Here to Stay

The popularity or usage of a social media platform might come and go, but the same can’t be said for an email account. That’s right; no matter the demographic, nearly everyone uses email, and most people check their email multiple times per day.

So while you’re wondering how to divvy up your ad spend across multiple social media platforms, remember that email remains popular and shouldn’t be neglected.

If you’d like some tips to grow your automotive email marketing lists, don’t hesitate to reach out to the fine folks at fusionZONE. We’re experts in all things digital marketing for dealers, and we’d love to help you reach an ever-growing audience.

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