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5 Tips for A Profitable Service Center

When summer approaches, it can only mean one thing: road trip season is almost here. Given the recent travel restrictions that spanned every corner of the country, it should come as no shock that there’s plenty of pent-up demand for summer travel and road trips this year and beyond.

But how can your car dealership and service department help your customers prepare for summer road trips? The team at fusionZONE Automotive has compiled a list of tried-and-true tips that can benefit both your customers and your business’s bottom line.

Here’s to a fun and safe road trip season for your customers and a profitable summer for your service center!

1. Time For Another Oil and Filter Change?

Every motorist knows that oil changes are regularly required and a crucial component of vehicle maintenance. What they may not know, though, is that oil change intervals aren’t just about mileage.

While maintenance schedules for oil and filter changes will vary by make, model, year, mileage and driving style and conditions, most will still recommend an oil change every six months at a minimum.

Perhaps a customer dusted off their garaged sports car and is planning a weeklong summer road trip, and the car hasn’t been driven much since the previous summer. Or, maybe a family’s secondary vehicle is finally going to see some open-road action after a long hiatus. Either way, this could be the right time to recommend a quick oil change, complete with a new oil filter, so that these drivers can hit the road with confidence.

2. Better Get the A/C Checked

No matter where your dealership and service facility is located in the States, the summer season is bringing with it hotter temperatures than what you, your road-trip crew and your car are accustomed to for most of any given year.

What better time to have their vehicle’s air conditioning or A/C system checked than before the heat arrives and they’re spending more time on the road? After all, no one wants to discover their car’s A/C system is struggling when they’re hours out of town and have a tight road trip schedule.

Since a car’s air conditioning can seem plenty adequate when outdoor temperatures are cool, remind your customers that it’s smart to have their A/C system tested and inspected before every summer season.

3. Tire Pressure and Wheel Alignment Check

There’s so much riding on our cars’ wheels and tires, especially when a family summer road trip and precious cargo are involved. That’s why your customers will surely appreciate the care and attention you provide to their vehicle’s tires and wheels during a summer auto service visit.

From checking for proper tire pressure and tread wear to inspecting the alignment, routine wheel and tire maintenance can help prevent a range of on-road issues that could dampen any summer travel plans.

Wheels that are out of alignment or underinflated tires can be a driving hazard and can lead to premature tire wear and early replacement. Plus, if your customers want to maximize their MPGs and make fewer pit-stops on their cross-country journeys this summer, it pays to have properly inflated tires!

4. Battery Testing and Inspections

Summer heat can be hard on a car’s battery. And a dead battery will certainly stop a summer road trip in its tracks. But you can help your customers avoid such inconveniences with a battery test before they head off on the open road.

Since the average car battery only lasts about three years, your customer’s late-model crossover or SUV may be due for a battery replacement. Of course, battery life also depends on the local climate, driving patterns and other factors. Still, it’s best to remind motorists that it never hurts to get a battery test and inspection to help ensure they won’t be left stranded at a gas station off exit 37 in Timbuktu.

5. Wrap It All Up in a Road Trip Bundle

What if your customers don’t know what pre-travel auto maintenance their vehicle may be missing? That’s where your service advisors come in with expertise, recommendations and even a nifty road trip bundle!

Packaging an array of worthwhile summer auto care procedures into an affordable bundle can make it easier for your customers to decide on important car maintenance. It could also bring in more summer business for your service lanes!

Consider bundling tire inspections, battery testing, oil changes, A/C checks and other auto care items together to help your customers and your service center traffic this summer.

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