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The more customers you can bring to your doors, the more sales you are likely to close. More leads means more sales. This maxim is true whether you run an auto dealership or a shoe store.

How can you boost the amount of foot traffic your business receives? For many organizations, Google Ads has proven to be a powerful tool.

But how do you convert those digital leads into foot traffic? FZA Digital recommends following these five tips:

1. Use Location-Targeting

When running a PPC (or pay-per-click) campaign to drive users to a physical store, it is vital to use location-targeting on all your ads. Doing so will ensure Google only shows your ads to users who can feasibly visit you.

Before launching your ad campaign, take some time to consider how far customers are willing to drive to get to your shop. If, for instance, you sell smoothies, they may not want to travel any further than 20 minutes. However, if you sell cars, they could happily drive for more than an hour to get to your location.

Once you select a region or a ZIP code you want to target, all you need to do is enter it into the “Targeting and Audiences” section of the ad creation wizard and start your campaign. Google will take care of the rest.

2. Add a Location Extension to Your Ads

If you want to drive customers to your store, you must make it as easy as possible for them to find it. You can help by adding a location extension to all your PPC ads.

This helpful tool shows your company’s address within the ad, making it a breeze for buyers to pull up your store on a map and get directions straight to your shop.

You can add a location extension to your Google ads by:

  1. Logging into your Google Ads account
  2. Selecting the “Ads & Extensions” tab
  3. Opening the “Extensions” section
  4. Clicking the “Create Ad Extension” button
  5. Choosing “Location Extension” from the drop-down menu
  6. Confirming your address, and
  7. Saving your extension

If you follow these simple steps, your address should appear on your PPC ads almost immediately.

3. Optimize the Scheduling of Your Ads

When do customers most frequently need to visit your store? If you run a coffee shop, mornings and lunchtimes are probably your busiest times. If you run a car dealership, however, evenings and weekends might be your sweet spot.

If you would like to make the most of your Google Ads budget, you should try to schedule your PPC campaigns to run before and during your busiest hours. Marketing professionals refer to this practice as “dayparting”.

Scheduling your ads in this way offers two main benefits:

  1. Your customers will see your ads when they are ready to buy, not hours or days earlier.
  2. You won’t waste money advertising to users who have an immediate need while your store is closed.

Dayparting is not an exact science. You may need to make a few changes to your ad schedules before finding the optimal solution.

4. Add a Promotion Extension to your Ads

Offering a discount or free gift is one of the best ways to drive customers to your storefront. You can tell Google users all about your latest deals by adding a promotion extension to your PPC ads.

You can add this information to your ads by:

  1. Signing into your Google Ads account
  2. Choosing the “Ads & Extensions” tab
  3. Opening the “Extensions” section
  4. Clicking the “Create Ad Extension” button
  5. Selecting “Promotion Extension” from the menu
  6. Entering the details of your deal, and
  7. Saving your extension

When you finish taking these steps, the details of your latest promotions will show beneath the content of your PPC ads. If your deal is attractive, it won’t be long before customers start flooding your store!

5. Add a Click-to-Message Extension to Your Ads

Before visiting your store, Google users are likely to have many questions about your products, services, and availability, such as:

  • “Do you have space for a party of 16?”
  • “Will you have time to service my car on Tuesday at 4:00?”
  • “Do you offer military discounts?”
  • “Is your product suitable for use outdoors?”

If you want them to come to your location, you need to find a way to give them the answers they require as quickly as possible. The best way to do so is to add a click-to-message extension to your Google PPC ads.

Including this feature in your ads will allow users to tap a button and send you a quick text. You can then provide them with their information in just a few short minutes.

If they are pleased with your answer, you will most likely see them at your store before too long!

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