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Have you been looking for a way to boost your website’s search rankings? If so, you might want to consider link building. It has long been one of the most effective tactics in digital marketing.

But what exactly is link building? And how can you know if your efforts are delivering the best possible results? FZA Digital has the answers.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a search engine optimization tactic that involves boosting the quantity and quality of inbound hyperlinks to a website.

The most effective link building techniques include:

  • Listing the site in trustworthy directories
  • Writing guest posts on other websites
  • Building relationships with other site administrators
  • Providing testimonials to other companies

Taking these steps can make a substantial difference to the site’s Google and Bing rankings. It may also result in the following benefits:

  • Improved sales figures
  • Increased credibility and trustworthiness
  • Improved bounce rates

How can you tell if your link building campaign will deliver these benefits? By monitoring key performance metrics.

4 Metrics to Measure Your Company’s Link Building Campaign

Monitoring the following metrics will help you assess the performance of your link building campaign:

1. Linking Root Domains

When running a link building campaign, it can be tempting to focus solely on attaining as many hyperlinks as you can. However, doing so is unlikely to deliver the best possible results.

If Google notices all of your links coming from a small selection of sites, it will assign less value to each one, limiting your growth. To maximize your results, it is typically better to acquire a smaller number of hyperlinks from a broader selection of domains.

As such, if you want to find out how your campaign is performing, keep a close eye on your linking root domains. These metrics let you know which sites are pointing to yours.

Majestic’s site explorer tool can help you monitor your linking root domains.

2. Page Strength

When deciding how to rank results, search engines like Google and Yahoo! pay close attention to the strength of each page. Weak pages plummet to the bottom of the rankings while better ones rise to the top.

The quality of the links leading to a page is one of the main factors search engines consider when determining its strength.

Monitor the strength of your site’s most important pages during the course of a link building campaign. An increase in your page strength is a clear sign you are succeeding.

Of course, if you don’t see any improvement in the strength of your pages, your link building campaign may not be going well, and it might be time to reevaluate your strategy.

You can use the free tool at to track your page strength.

3. Domain Authority

A well-run link building campaign won’t just increase the strength of your pages, it will also improve your overall domain authority.

Domain authority is a ranking score that predicts how likely your website is to rank in search engine results pages by examining your inbound links (among other factors).

To monitor your domain authority, you can use the Moz Link Explorer tool. If it shows your website trending upward, you can feel confident that your link building techniques are working.

If you don’t see a noticeable increase in your domain authority after some time, it could be a sign that you have been acquiring hyperlinks from low-authority websites. Consider seeking links from educational institutions or major news outlets to address this issue.

4. Organic Traffic

Monitoring your site’s organic traffic is, without a doubt, the simplest way to tell if your link building campaign is succeeding. The higher your visitor count rises, the better your campaign is performing.

However, organic traffic will not appear overnight. It might take weeks or even months for Google to reward your link building efforts with a higher spot in the rankings, and you will not see a bump in your visitor numbers until this happens.

If you want more immediate feedback on your link building campaign, you should try to focus more on the other three metrics.

Of course, if you don’t mind waiting, you can easily monitor your website’s organic traffic using Google Analytics.

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Building high-quality links is a vital part of the SEO process. However, it is also quite complicated and time-consuming. Should you need a little help, please do not hesitate to reach out to the knowledgeable marketing team at FZA Digital. We have years of experience in the industry, and we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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