4 Ways to Up Your Dealership’s PPC Game

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4 Ways to Up Your Dealership's PPC Game

4 Ways to Up Your Dealership’s PPC Game

Do you use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to market your car dealership? If so, you have most likely found it to be an effective way to drive people to your website and generate leads for your sales team.

Unfortunately, unless you are an experienced marketer, you are probably leaving a lot of money on the table. Small inefficiencies and oversights in your PPC campaigns may be costing you thousands of dollars per year in lost revenue.

Luckily, you can eliminate these inefficiencies and take your dealership’s PPC campaigns to the next level by following these four (4) tips:

1. Include Negative Keywords in Your PPC Campaigns

When setting up your PPC campaigns, you probably spend a great deal of time selecting your keywords. However, if you want to maximize your ROI, take a moment to add negative keywords to your ad campaigns as well.

Negative keywords give you the ability to exclude search terms from your PPC campaign. They can help you avoid paying for clicks that are unlikely to turn into paying customers.

For example, if your dealership only sells used cars, you may want to add “new” as a negative keyword in your PPC campaigns. Doing so will ensure your ads do not appear for individuals searching for “new cars for sale.” It will allow you to focus your efforts on customers who want to purchase a preowned vehicle.

2. Experiment with Different Ad Types

When people hear the term “PPC advertising,” they tend to think of search ads. These ads appear as hyperlinked search results when a user enters a specific query or phrase into Google or Bing.

Many dealerships use search ads exclusively in their PPC campaigns.

However, there are other types of PPC ads available, such as:

  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Gmail Sponsored Ads
  • Local Service Ads

If you want to take your car dealership’s PPC campaigns to the next level, you should experiment with these alternative ad types. You may find your target market is more responsive to images or videos than they are to the traditional search ad.

3. Make Retargeting a Part of Your PPC Campaigns

Most dealerships think of PPC advertising as a way to drive new people to their website. They aren’t wrong. Platforms like Google Ads are a superb way to generate unique web traffic.

However, PPC advertising also gives you the ability to target repeat business and bring shoppers who previously visited your site back for a second or third look. This process is known as retargeting.

Boost your PPC advertising ROI by launching a retargeting campaign. Here’s why:

  • Website visitors who view retargeted ads are 43 percent more likely to convert into customers.
  • The click-through rate (CTR) of retargeted ads is around ten times higher than the CTR of a typical ad.
  • About 30 percent of shoppers have a positive reaction to retargeted ads. Only 11 percent of users have negative feelings about them.

In short, retargeting can reduce your cost of acquisition and increase your revenue.

Most car dealerships find Google Ads to be the most effective retargeting platform. However, you can also generate positive results on Facebook or LinkedIn.

4. Create Customized Landing Pages for Your PPC Ads

Convincing shoppers to click on your PPC ads is only half the battle. Once you get them to your website, you also have to persuade them to give you a call or send you a message.

The number of calls and emails you receive will depend on the strength of your landing page. If you send interested users to a model research page, you will probably generate a few leads. However, if you send shoppers to a custom-built landing page, you will achieve more impressive results.

Your landing page should typically include the following elements:

  • Images: Shoppers want to see high-quality pictures of your cars from a variety of different angles.
  • Unique Selling Points: A bulleted list of the most exciting features in the vehicle is very enticing to buyers.
  • Promotions: Can customers get a $1,000 rebate when they buy the car? If so, tell them on your landing page.
  • Call to Action: A compelling call to action could be the difference between a shopper calling your dealership or leaving your website without reaching out.

You might also want to include the answers to frequently asked questions on your landing pages. Doing so will ensure users don’t have to leave your site to find more information before giving you a call.

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