GA4 has Arrived! How is it Different & What are the Benefits?

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The latest version of Google Analytics(GA4) is here. But what does that mean for marketing your business online?

Google Analytics came on the scene in 2005, and since then, it has been the most popular statistics tool for analyzing website performance.

  • 2005 — GA1: Urchin
  • 2008 — GA2: Classic
  • 2013 — GA3: Universal
  • 2020 — GA4: Google Analytics 4

GA4 brings exciting changes to the user interface, new ways to view and analyze data, and other new features.

The 3 Main Differences Between GA3 and GA4

  1. Web and Mobile App Data Collection In One

The most significant change that is likely going to be the most exciting for most users is the ability to review mobile app and website data usage in one place.

Previously, if you wanted to track your website data or mobile app usage, you would need to use both GA and GA for Firebase or GA APP View.

If you have a mobile app and a website for your business, this is a game-changing development in user convenience.

  1. Custom Data Set Collection

The GA3 default setting is only to track page views. While it’s possible to customize GA3 to track additional datasets, setting this up generally requires advanced Google Tag Manager knowledge.

GA4 arrives on the scene ready to collect additional interactions of your choice. The “Enhanced Measurement” feature allows users to automatically collect data on outbound clicks, scrolling, file downloads, video engagement and more.

  1. Scheduled Ad Pause and Play

When a customer buys from your business, they will continue to see ads for your business. Often for the product they just purchased. This can be frustrating for customers and fruitless for companies.

You don’t want to annoy your customers, but at the same time, you don’t want to stop advertising to them altogether. So what do you do?

GA4 has the solution. Now, you can target specific users and press pause on their accounts, so they don’t see an ad from you for 30-60 days after making a purchase. This allows customers to enjoy the product they purchased and not feel unappreciated.

Bonus Features in GA4

New User Interface Layout

While GA3 is still fully functional, it’s not a bad idea to start familiarizing yourself with the new layout because GA4 will become the standard.


Build customizable funnels that are retroactive and segmentable.

Should You Make the Switch?

While GA4 is new on the scene, and most people are still using GA3, it won’t take long before GA4 is the dominant version. We suggest familiarizing yourself with the new features and platform interface, so you’re ready to go and can enjoy all the unique benefits of GA4.

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