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Google is getting better and better at guessing what searchers are looking for when they type in their – sometimes cryptic – search terms. As such, search intent is becoming more and more important.

If you think search terms are obvious and will come to you as “I want to buy a new car,” think again. Or better yet, ask to read someone’s search history results and you may be surprised to discover everyone has their own search style.

The good news is once you understand why someone is searching for your product or service with a little bit of investigatory work, you can begin to predict their behavior and serve them content to meet their needs.

Here’s how searcher intent can boost your SEO ranking:

What is Searcher Intent?

Search intent is basically the reason someone is browsing the internet. This line of inquiry can start for any number of reasons, including boredom, but fundamentally searcher intent shows a desire to engage with content online. You may think this is your “in.”

Many people focus on SEO with the hopes of locking in sales and overlook the “why.” Searcher intent is the foundation of why someone decides to take action, so understanding why is going to shape your whole strategy.

Few people type in words into Google, land on a website and buy. It may take 5-8 visits, and an extended amount of time learning to trust you before a customer reaches out. However, don’t be put off. Organic traffic is one of the most valuable sources for sales once you get dialed in.

Searcher intent can be broken down into 4 cornerstones:

  • Navigational: these are often overlooked, but searching in the toolbar itself, (simply typing “Facebook”) to land on a specific website is extremely popular, and shows strong intent.
  • Informational: these are the high volume search terms for information such as the weather, news, or that invite people into your funnel via your blog where they can find specific answers.
  • Commercial/transactional: the highly competitive keywords your business wants; these are usually specific service terms like “best car dealer near me,” which show a customer has an intention to purchase, but you don’t know when.
  • Ambiguous: Not all searches are obvious and it’s unclear what the result should be; are they looking for a definition, a service, a tutorial?

Once you determine which one belongs to your website visitor, you can prescribe content for their unique needs. This tailored approach builds brand awareness, trust, and can lead to more sales than simply spewing out content online.

Searcher Intent Can Boost SEO Results

Now that you can identify intentional keywords, it’s time to test them. To get the most objective idea of the search results for a query, make sure you use a private browser window.

A local SERP-checker, such as can help you get even more objective results, and find out what the results look like in neighboring cities.

Seek to create content that provides a mixture of value, information, service, and products for a well-rounded SEO solution, and be sure to include geo-locational keywords as you go so people in your area can find you first.

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