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What Makes A Good Google Ad?

So, you know you’re supposed to advertise on Google…now what do you do?

We’ve all seen Google Ads. They’re often what appears at the top of our search results when we’re looking for something.

You may wonder how to get your ad at the top of results pages while also driving traffic to your website and away from your competitors.

If so, you’re in luck! Here are five tips for making a Google ad that will get your customers to click, discover your website, and, hopefully, make a purchase.

#1. Have a Great Subject Line

The subject line for your ad needs to be eye-catching and informative. It needs to answer the question that was just typed into Google. Someone is searching for something, and the answer to their question is your business. They need to see your ad and experience relief because their problems were solved.

The description beneath the subject line can go into greater detail about your business while strategically using SEO keywords that cause your Google Ad to rank for several different search queries.

After you catch their attention with your subject line, you can use site extensions to funnel people to your website’s particular pages. You’ve just solved someone’s problem, immediately building their trust before they’ve even landed on your site.

#2. Be Simple

The biggest mistake people make with Google Ads is over complicating their subject line. They want to get their money’s worth, so they cram as many words as possible into the ad. By trying to appeal to everybody, they appeal to nobody. Be simple. Be specific.

Simplicity projects confidence. You’re trying to bring new people to your business, which pulls people from your competitors. They need to trust you.

#3. Always Promote Your Sales

You’re buying an ad, right? So, you might as well offer a deal. A sale or discount promotion is a clear, simple subject line that catches the eye and brings people to your site.

When advertising a promotion, be sure to include your Google review rating (if it’s good). Four or five stars establish authority. Customers believe that the discount you’re offering and your business is legitimate.

#4. Always Be Promoting

Regardless of your company’s size, it’s good to remind people of you and your services. It’s easy for a service or product to get lost. Let’s say you sell cars and are the biggest dealership in your area. People will probably think of you for their next car. But will they think of you for their next oil change? Remind people of all that you do.

#5. Product Association

Since you began reading this article, you’ve probably been thinking about catchy headlines with products and sales you can offer. You might’ve even jotted down a few ideas. But how many of those ideas include the name of your business?

By putting your company next to a product’s name, you create an association for the reader. In their mind, your company creates the product they’re looking for. There’s now an association with that product and you. Once again, you build trust and confidence, which inspires clicks and, ultimately, sales.

When you want to run Google Ads that accomplish these 5 points, turn to the team at FZA Digital.